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Natural Concentrated Argan Oil (20ml)

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What Is This Product About:

Natural Concentrated Argan Oil’s formula makes it easy to spread evenly, has no messy hands and avoids wastage. Natural Concentrated Argan Oil is all the daily hair care you need. Natural Concentrated Argan Oil is a rich source of Vitamin A & E, antioxidants, fatty acids, and sebum control make it one of the choicest oils to moisturise your scalp and hair and control frizz in the hair while keeping scalp dryness at bay.

This perfectly balanced concentration of argan oil acts as a natural supplement for your hair but also a quick- fix for frizzy and dull hair. It can be used both on dry and wet hair. Natural Concentrated Argan Oil detangles the most rebellious knots and provides an extra boost of conditioning and gloss. The lightweight and non-greasy formula lightly coats the hair, without being oily or sticky restoring shine and youthful lustre to the hair. So break your mundane routine of shampoo & conditioner and give your hair the luxury it deserves!

What This Product Offers: 

  • Made with nourishing plant oils, this oil nourishes the scalp and smoothens the hair. 
  • Flavonoids found in plant oils and in essential oils protect from free radical damage.  
  • Natural Concentrated Argan Oil found in essential oils, phenols are antioxidants that help soothe the scalp and reverse free radical damage.
  • Concentrated Argan Oil is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and stearic acids that soften and hydrate the hair throughout the day.
  • Natural Concentrated Argan Oil helps to reduces frizz & split ends and makes hair silky & shiny all while promoting hair growth.

What Else You Need To Know:

  • Rejuvenate the shine and luxury in your hair with this concentrated blend of Morrocan Argon Oil.
  • Acts as a moisturizer for your hair and also your quick fix for frizzy and dull hair.
  • Natural Concentrated Argan Oil is made 100% natural eco friendly.
  • Natural Concentrated Argan Oil Is vegan.

Application Process:

Apply straight to the hair before or after using shampoo.


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Are Sevich Beauty products truly chemical-free?
Our commitment to purity is unwavering. Sevich Beauty products are meticulously crafted from natural herbs, ensuring a chemical-free formulation that promotes the health and vitality of your skin.
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Natural herbs in our products are carefully chosen for their inherent skin-loving properties. These ingredients work synergistically to nourish, rejuvenate, and enhance your skin’s well-being, offering a holistic approach to skincare without harsh chemicals.